Sunshine and Palm Trees

Song Title: Sunshine and Palm Trees – Name of the artist: Dario Margeli
– Style: meditation and self help themed retro-electronic synth dance

– Watch the fun retro music video:

– Link to the song on SOUNDCLOUD:

Fun fact about the song: the song has an electronic sound used in vintage video games. The lyrics describe vacation moments including a night ferry trip through the Greek Islands.

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Front cover image:

– Songwriter: Music and Lyrics by Dario Margeli
– Rights Society: SGAE – ISWC: T0429919572
– Producer electronic version: Dj Trikinosis

Other Promo Images

ABOUT THE SONG: “Sunshine and Palm Trees” is a song that has a meditation and self help theme. The song is a visualization practice, in which the person meditating is keeping their mind centered on memories from pleasant vacation spots. The track can appeal to a large audience thanks to the combination of the fun dance production and the mature lyrics. The electronic arrangements have references in sounds heard on vintage video games.

BIO: Dario Margeli’s first song, released March 2011, featured Florida based studio session blues guitarist Hugh Williams. Later that year his song “Somebody Pull Me Up” with remix help by Hungarian producer Gabor Holik circulated through several music sites including the website of the clothing brand Sisley. Another one of his songs, released in 2012, “Exploited Degraded Office Workers” caught the imagination of many because of its daring fun lyrics that talk about the life of today’s middle class workers. All these songs have music videos too. A fan base of 1400 people follow his music on Facebook. His YouTube channel is popular too with over 80000 views. Dario is a US Citizen of foreign parents and spent many years in California. In 2003 due to the dot com crisis he chose to move to Europe.

There is an alternate version of the Front Cover:

The song made the Hype Machine

Thanks to an article by El Rocco

There is a special/different edit of the video too:

Dario Margeli
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