I’m Not My Brain

Release date: 15 Sept. 2016

Title: I’m Not My Brain   Artist: Dario Margeli

Style: Night moods hinted by a Moog synthesizer in this medium-paced track driven by a muscular “real” bass guitar. Soft funk. Meditation and self help themed lyrics with female backing vocals.  Funk n’ Yoga!   Makes references in the lyrics to speeches by Buddhist and other well-being teachers like Osho.
Soundcloud link:
There is also a REMIX by Danish producer  Steen Lysholm Larsen
Music video  on YouTube  filmed in the UNESCO World Heritage location of Hampi in India.

– Moog Synthesizer: Terrell ‘Bishop’ Beane
– Bass: Leemarc Ferguson – Background Vocals: Nyakwezi
– Guitar: Matt Quistorf / Philip Ockelford
– Songwriter: Music and Lyrics by Dario Margeli / Rights Society: SGAE – ISWC T2101328757
 – ISRC of your release is SE-3OH-1621472
Front cover image:
Front Cover of Remix:
Distribution: Spinnup
It is on Spotify
On sale on iTunes:
Promo Images also shot in Hampi:
The song has made it to the Hype Machine:
Blogs are already talking about it:
The lyrics is about distancing ourselves from our brain and thoughts and becoming the watcher of the thoughts. The song has a self improvement theme, helping the listener to distance themselves from painful thoughts.
The recording of the song features top of the class studio musicians.  Two amazing rock guitar players have played on the recording, one from the U.S.A and one from the U.K. The solid and groove-defining real bass guitar was played by a session musician in the U.S.A. The recording  features a Moog synthesizer player from Chicago, a real drummer and a female backing vocalist from South Africa.  The song has an elegant and smooth funk jazz vibe to it. Many of the chords are 7ths and 9ths used in jazz music progressions. The vocal melody of the song has many parts and comes from extensive research. The music of the song is mature, yet sufficiently vibrant and alive to appeal also to young people.
Short link to this page https://goo.gl/lTtJTo

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