Electronic remix of Things That Are OK About Me

Title: Thing That Are OK About Me (Electronic remix by Ziemowit)
Producer Ziemowit has provided an introspective synthpop, wave remix of the song “Things That Are OK About Me”. 80’s style Lynn drum machine, Arcade game sounds, a bit of Jean Michel Jarre. You can dance to it too, thanks to the Italo Disco hints of the rhythm tracks. The song has self-help spiritual lyrics.

Listen to the song here:

The song is fast paced and in its original form was in part a tribute to the San Francisco High Energy scene of the early 80’s, with cosmic sound artists like Patrick Cowley and needless to say Sylvester, because of whom the song is sung in falsetto. Female background vocalist Nyakwezi from South Africa provides backing vocals and harmonies. Keyboard player Terrell ‘Bishop’ Beane takes the song to magical heights with his Moog Synthesizer solo that hints at the best periods of Earth Wind & Fire. The self-help spiritual lyrics of the song invite the listeners to look at what is right about themselves when other aspects of their lives might not be going well. Even when certain things are not happening as we expect them, there are still aspects that are functioning well. Can you walk? Can you breathe? Do you have a place to sleep? These are things to be grateful for and should help us put life in perspective.
Promo Image available at http://goo.gl/0T2C2B & http://goo.gl/wjPsxh Biography http://goo.gl/prAZTe
Front cover image http://goo.gl/3c1fd5


The music video for the original version of the song “Things That Are OK About Me” was filmed around the ancient temples of Bagan in Burma / Myanmar.  For the electronic remix of the song, the original video the colors were inverted to give it a “night” look similar to the movie “Avatar”. Some sequences were changed for night footage from my visits to Asia.  Lyrics of the song appear on screen in the video for the electronic version. Watch it here:



Shortcut to this information:


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