Samarkand on the Silk Road. 44 photos 2010 Travel

In May 2010, I ventured on an Air Baltic flight to Uzbekistan. A domestic flight took me to Samarkand. Pronounced more like Samarghand. Samarkand was one of the cities on the Silk Road. That is not the dark net but the road traders would travel on to buy and sell the fine fabric: silk. It comes from the nest of moths.

I had a blast. It is an amazing place and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A Crossroads of Cultures. It felt like being transported back to the 16th Century and becoming Sinbad (Sanbad). Persian had built amazing mosques with amazing blue ceramic work decorating them. The soviets did a great restoration job as well.

The first place one sees after leaving the hostel is a big plaza called The Registan where three sides of the plaza are occupied by madrasahs: Ulugh Beg Madrasah, Tilya-Kori Madrasah and Sher-Dor Madrasah.

Enjoy the 44 pics I took in all of Samarkand and hit like and follow buttons. All photos (p)&(c) Dario Margeli 2010



tr_samarkand 163 KB amir mousoleum 197 KB amir temour 21

164 KB bibi khanum khaanum khanoom 149 KB

tr samarkand bibi khanym 151 KB dario margeli samarkand gur emir 

architecture samarkand madrasah islamic Dariush Darioush madrasah 

Rastakhiz memorial 133 KB Самарқанд khanoom خانوم 

شوشتریان Unesco samarcande Самарқанд samarkand Route de la soie
tr_samarkand رستاخیز  148 KB samarkand_151 KB tr_samarkand_P1010496

سمرقند tr_samarkand_P1010500 داریوش  KB tr_samarkand_P1010543
قلهک tr_samarkand_registan_0406 158 KB registon

149 KB t ruta de la seda 195 KB tr_samarkand_samargand_10429

پرستان  tr_samarkand_samarqand_32  141 KB shah_zendeh_94 139 KB shakhi zinda

200 KB tr_samarkand_sherdor_09 trip  samarkand_silk_road_6  177 KB tillya_kori

175 KB ulugbeck 182 KB tr_samarkand ulugbek uzbakestan 


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