News updated September 15, 2016

Listed here are the musical projects I have for the future. There are no specific dates for them. Given the lack of financial support, these projects will be completed slowly when time permits.

* I’M Not My Brain (Remixes) – A dance remix of this song is already public, however there was a second remix by a different producer that was initiated. It is unknown if it will ever be delivered.

* Th*** th** a** O* a**** m* – A completely new English language song that will be sung entirely in falsetto and will have significant elements of the early 1980’s Hi-NRG music scene. The songwriting is not finished. Footage for the music video was filmed in Bagan, Burma at the temples. The production of the song has not been started. Because the song will be more electronic than my usual style, an external producer needs to be found for the project.

* Five Little Things (Rock version) – This song that also has an Italian-language counterpart, was presented to the public back in February 2015 in its English version in an electronic dance format. However the guitar oriented rock version was never properly released. The English rock version remains unmixed and unmastered and work needs to be done on it before release.

* Sunshine and Palm Trees (Rock version) – Similarly this song with guitars by Simone Sprocatti, was realeased in Italian some time ago, then the English version was presented with an electronic production by Dj Trikinosis. However, the original English-langaue rock version was never mixed or released. Needs work.

* With an eye to a possible album release, a definitive mix of my first song Quell’allegro Calore needs to be achieved. New mixes of the 2011 songs Somebody Pull Me Up and Niente Importa Tanto have to be achieved in which a real drummer replaces the drum machines of the initial releases.




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