Travel to Bukhara – Boxoro (silk road) 30 photos

Late spring or early summer 2010 I visited Uzbekistan on the silk road. It felt like having gone on a time machine back to the 17th century. Of the three historical cities, I visited two, Bukhara being the one that surprised me most. The people were super friendly. The Soviets did a very aggressive and impressive restoration of the historical mosques and sites of interest. Albracca chashma ayub citadel
All pictures by dario margeli shooshtarian . There is a fort. keywords: ismail samaniy kalyan minaret kukeldash
lab-e hauz lab-i hauz magoki-attori mosque لب هوز mausoleum nodir devon beci madrasasi Nader Noder
rudaki poetry bukhara ruta de la seda silk road samanid sufi taki domes pishtak angles talion toquizargaron
Keywords: Buxara xanligi – Buxoro Xonligi Buxara bu gunki ozbrkistan Bukhara Persian بُخارا Tajik Бухоро Uzbek Buxoro Бухоро from the Soghdian βuxārak lucky place

tr_bukhara_toqui_zargarontr_bukhara_taliontr_bukhara_taki_domestr_bukhara_sufitr_bukhara_silk_roadtr_bukhara_seda_uzbakistantr_bukhara_samanidtr_bukhara_rutatr_bukhara_rudaki_poetrytr_bukhara_p1010611tr_bukhara_p1010610tr_bukhara_p1010607tr_bukhara_p1010604tr_bukhara_p1010600tr_bukhara_p1010599tr_bukhara_p1010595tr_bukhara_p1010575tr_bukhara_p1010563tr_bukhara_p1010559tr_bukhara_nodir_devon_beci_madrasasitr_bukhara_mausoleumtr_bukhara_magoki-attori _mosquetr_bukhara_lab-i hauztr_bukhara_lab-e hauztr_bukhara_kukeldashtr_bukhara_kalyan_minarettr_bukhara_ismail_samaniytr_bukhara_forttr_bukhara_dario_margelitr_bukhara_citadeltr_bukhara_chashma-ayub_1tr_bukhara_albraccatr_bukhara_air_baltic


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