January 2018 “How To Respond” is released

Dario Margeli – How to Respond
Release date: January 23, 2018
(P)&(C) 2018 Dario Margeli – All Rights Reserved
Music and Lyrics written by: Dario Margeli
Rights Society: SGAE
ISWC T2102525390
ISRC uscgh1826215

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The recording is distributed by CD Baby.


MUSIC: This is a song with futuristic electronic arpeggios, Moog synthesizers and Lynn drum programming. It has a speed of 112 BPM danceable beat combined with a dark mood that connects well with listeners who like independent music. The lead male vocals are cushioned with backing vocals from South African female singer Nyakwezi. Many musicians have worked on the recording including English guitarist Philip Ockelford. The song has a strong clear memorable chorus.

LYRICS: The lyrics of the song have self-improvement themes. The lyrics center around the concept of how we can respond with positivity and care to events that come along in our lives and how this will improve the way we feel. Several Buddhist and well-being teachers have said that we must pay attention to the way we respond to life events to achieve a more satisfying existence.

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